Tips of getting baby sleep in crib

Tips of getting baby sleep in crib

 Why baby won’t sleep in cribs?

It is important that your baby sleeps in his or her crib. However, there are instances where the baby will not sleep in his or her crib.

Baby won’t sleep in crib

Initially, many parents prefer to sleep with their newborn babies and it is in this that they create a lasting bond.

This, in turn, turns into a habit and when you start placing him in his crib, he will get uncomfortable and will not accept it.

The key reasons why baby will not sleep in his crib include:

sleep with newborn

He feels like the space in the crib is too open as opposed to your closeness. Many times, many newborns tend to sleep in the arms of their parents and eventually end up sleeping in the same bed as their parents.

Changing to an open space is practically scary for the baby.

tensed mom
Tensed Mom: Why baby won’t sleep?

He may be experiencing acid reflux or colic. This is more so if you allow your baby sleep on her belly in this situation. It is uncomfortable for him or even painful. 

He feels left out and the change of environment frightens him.

crazy baby
Sleeping in cribs terrible

Also, other circumstances may cause your baby to want to avoid the crib.

He may be attached to his infant carrier or in their car seat.This is as a result of habitual plays.

In other circumstances, she will only sleep in your arms.

Sometimes, the method of introduction was all wrong. Babies are habitual and when you drastically change his sleeping furniture, it can be devastating.

Babies are sensitive and you need to handle them with care.

tensed mom
Tension arising again and again.

How to get baby to sleep in the crib ?

There are instances where your baby is finding it difficult to sleep in his crib. After identifying the possible causes your baby is not comfortable in his crib, the following are the possible strategies you can use to get baby to sleep in the crib. It is beneficial to both parent and baby. The following strategy will guide you.

Sleep in baby’s room for a few days

Sleep in baby room

Babies are protective and they like to know that they are in safe hands at all times. It is, therefore, important that you do not make him feel like he is being abandoned.

In this, it is recommended that sleep in his room for a few days so he can feel your presences. Many parents opt to sleep in his room for a few hours, wait for the baby to sleep, and leave the room.

This is not advisable as any time the baby wakes up and finds that you left, he will probably not trust sleeping in his crib. The first few days require that you sleep in his room to give him that sense of security knowing that you are close to him.

You can use a crib attached to bed before allowing him ultimate freedom.

Spend some non-sleep time in his room

When your baby is not asleep, spend some time with him in his room. Allow him play in his crib as you enjoy playtime from a distance. He will adjust and understand that the crib is his space.

Allow him to sleep in his crib sheet even before moving to the crib

bab with parents
Newborn practices cribs

Many times, babies know their scent and anytime you move them to a place where they do not recognize, they get uncomfortable. Before moving him, try to create a sense of belonging.

Sleep on his crib sheet from time to time

Babies know they need their mom not just to feed but also as a sense of security. In this, they love to know that you are close by for comfort. Sleep on his crib sheet from time to time, so you can leave your scent.

Add a personalized object in the crib

cribs with playing object
Cribs with playing object

This object can be anything that your baby may be attached to as long as it will not cause suffocation. Many children do not want to sleep in a crib because they feel like there is too much empty space and they feel abandoned.

Gradual introduction to the crib

It is also important that you establish a new routine before moving your baby to a crib. This routine prepares him for change and he will be able to understand that change is a good thing. You can introduce bedtime stories, lullabies, storytelling, or a snack. Once you change the routine, which distorts the usual pattern, it is time to introduce the crib.

How to baby get in sleep?
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This will draw his attention and want to be in the crib. This gives him the illusion that a crib is a fun and safe place for him. Once he establishes the crib as his fun space, he needs to start using it for his sleep. In no time, he will be able to sleep through the night by employing the above strategies.

inocent sleep

Final Opinion

It is important that you make the crib pleasant so that your baby does yearn to stay in it to help you, you can start by placing toys in the crib. You might also choose the best crib and mattress for the baby so the kids fell comfortable to sleep.

There, you can also afford your baby quality exersaucer or activity center to spend a plenty of time outside the crib that will help baby know the crib as the best sleeping place.

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