Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer Review

Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer Review

How do you ensure that your baby slowly falls to sleep in the cradle? For centuries, parents have always rocked their baby to sleep. The rocking action not only gets them to stop crying but also helps them to fall asleep. Baby rockers are literally the best present parents can give themselves. These provide another set of hands when their own hands get tired of constantly carrying the baby. And when the product is from Fisher Price, you know that you can be sure of the quality. This Fisher Price Monkey bouncer review focuses on how the Money Bouncer can help you take care of your baby easily.

Fisher Price Monkey Bouncer

Fisher Price Monkey Bouncer’s Specialty

The Fisher Price Monkey Bouncer has a cute monkey face as a head supporter. The fabric used keeps the baby snuggly as they are soft and provides comfort from head to toe. The bouncer provides soft music for 20 minutes as well as sound effects which have volume controls.

Quality of the bouncer

The Fisher Price Monkey Bouncer has a 3 point safety harness feature that you would love. It helps keep the baby safe and ensures that you do not have to worry about anything. The frame provides and prevents skidding as well. The baby is comfortable due to the deluxe fabrics used and for extra comfort; the body insert can either be retained or removed. The control panel provided is easy to use and comes equipped with a soft touch that you can use easily.

Fisher-Price baby Bouncer,

Features of Fisher-Price Monkey Bouncer

Unique Design

Due to the unique design, the baby can gaze at his or her surroundings as they can be placed at different angles.
When the baby suffers from colic, he or she can be placed more upright, and when they fall asleep, they can be placed flat.

Ensure Entertaining Baby

Fisher-Price babyThe bouncer has hanging toys fitted which entertain the baby while he or she is in the bouncer. The child does not crave for the constant attention of the parents. There are colorful lights and music as well.

Lightweight and Portability 

The bouncer weighs just 10 pounds and has dimensions of 17” x 3.5” x 20.63” and therefore is not only extremely lightweight but easy to carry and very portable as well. The three point harness makes it safe for the child. You can carry it around with you even when you are on travel. It’s pretty easy as it’s quite lightweight.

Advantages and disadvantages

When the baby kicks, there is a jingling and rattling sound produced which amuses the baby.

The baby’s senses are also stimulated due to the colorful lights which help in eye-co-ordination movements.

The music helps develop their auditory senses. Their sense of touch is heightened due to the dangling toys.

However, one should not keep the baby in the baby bouncer for more than 30 minutes of time as too much time could lead to the flattened head syndrome.

Fisher-Price Monkey Bouncer

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1Question 2Question 3
Does this recline enough for a newborn without their head flopping to the side? I’m having a hard time finding one that reclines enough.

Answer: It´s perfect, comfortable and safety.
Which is better the Fisher price Deluxe Monkey bouncer or the Rainforest friends Bouncer Deluxe Bouncer?

Answer: Not familiar with the Rainforest Bouncer but we have the Deluxe Monkey Bouncer and it is perfect for the grandson’s visits.
Is this appropriate for a 5-month-old?

Answer: Absolutely. My daughter is currently 6-month-old, has had this chair since she was born, and still loves it.
Tips for Customer Tips for Customer
When purchasing a baby bouncer you need to ensure that the pads, as well as the covers, are machine-washable. The material used should be soft. There should also be excellent support provided to the child when he or she is in it. The bouncer should always be placed on the floor.
Fisher-Price bounce
Fisher-Price Monkey baby
Maintenance & Technical Tips Maintenance & Technical Tips
To soothe the baby, calming vibrations can be put on. When the baby wants to play, the toys or the music can be put on for the baby. For the vibrating unit, just one D battery is required and the toy bar needs three AA batteries. It is suggested that old and new batteries should not be mixed and that alkaline batteries are used.

 Our Opinion

Baby bouncers are a great toy to be used for children and a help to the parents as well. This product from Fisher Price does all that you would expect from a good baby bouncer. There are enough toys to play with and the material is durable.

Add to it the fact that the Fisher Price Monkey Bouncer is pretty portable and you can carry it around with you easily. The design is one that children will love and the toys will keep them engaged for hours. Putting them to sleep is a piece of cake and you would be able to carry on with your daily chores easily.

However, do remember that the child needs to nap on a firm surface for the night else he or she will be very hard to wean from the baby bouncer.

Fisher-Price Bouncer,

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