Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Reviews

Evenflo ExerSaucer Triple Fun Reviews

EvenfloExersaucer Triple Fun is just what your little one needs to get a head start from the very beginning. This product is designed to be used in 3 unique combinations i.e. a playmat, Exersaucer and activity table all in one and as the name suggests, triples the fun of the child. You will find 11 age appropriate toys in them which are quite helpful in developing the baby’s brain and the toys can be removed when need be. The Exersaucer is ideal for newborns to babies till they reach 24 months of age and offers full value for money.

Feature at galance
  • Triple fun for children with it having a playmat, Exersaucer and activity table;all in one.
  • Easy to wash and maintain – Can keep your child busy for hours.
  • The height can be adjusted easily.
  • Absolutely safe to be used by the child.


Here are some of the best of the Exersaucer:

Height adjustment

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Exersaucer can be adjusted to 3 height positions depending on the child’s height and age with children up to the maximum height of 30” being able to use this product. It is very easy to convert the product from one toy to another and can be done by the parents. The product is available in green and blue color. The supportive structure of the Exersaucer helps the little one sit upright while playing.

Amazon Jungle feel with useful actions

EvenfloExerSaucer-choice5kids-2 [dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith so many well-designed and colourful animals adorning the product, it ensures that the baby never feels alone. Being highly portable, this toy can be placed anywhere in the house and also carried to a friend’s place if need be. The child can spin, rock and bounce on the exersaucer and also exercise his neck and back muscles and strengthen legs while playing with it.

Safe and promotes overall development

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he product is absolutely safe to be used by infants as it has no harmful edges or corners which can harm the child in any way. Only good-quality materials are used to make this toy which meet national standards. The Exersaucer promotes sensory, motor and social development of the child, allows him to exercise his hands and legs and boosts his creative abilities..

What make you love it?
The Exersaucer Triple Fun is a favourite choice for parents as it not only helps keep their child busy and engaged in a safe environment but also allows their brain to develop and their motor skills start improving rapidly. The parents can first use the playmat and then the Exersaucer and when the child is able to sit all by himself, the activity table becomes his favourite place in the house!
Helpful Tips Helpful Tips
  • Fold this baby activity centre absolutely flat if you wish to carry it with you while travelling or store it in the cupboard when not in use.
  • The carry handle makes travelling a cinch. Babies can get the toys closer to them with the help of a wide surrounding tray on it.
  • The learning pods and the toy bar will require 9 AAA alkaline batteries to run.
Some parents claim that the product does not allow enough baby bouncing as the legs become locked after a few bounces.


Care and Maintenance Care and Maintenance
Seat –pad – A machine-washable seat-pad allows you to easily clean it every time it gets dirty or soiled. Use cold water to wash the pad in a delicate cycle and do not bleach.
Plastic Parts – The plastic parts can be swiftly wiped clean with a cotton cloth which is slightly moistened with water and mild soap. Clean with wet cloth when done and air dry.

EvenfloExerSaucer-choice5kids-3The Exersaucer Triple Fun has received much praise from parents as it provides a safe alternative to walkers which can often prove dangerous and the child can fall from the stairs when in it. Parents can be rest assured that they are providing their precious little ones with nothing but the best.

Customer Feedback:

This is by far one of the best things that you can buy for your toddler. I bought one for my 2 year old girl and must say she is very happy with it. She loves to play around it whole day and in fact, cries a little when we have to pull away the Exersaucer from her. Which means that we move it away from her if she refuses to eat. Works every time!

Final Verdict

If you’ve looking for something that can be help you take care of your toddler, this will serve the purpose well. Helping children achieve all their developmental milestones easily, it can accommodate growing babies and grows with the baby befriending them. The child can play, exercise and experience new things on this Triple Fun which is why it is a must for your little one from the time he is born.

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