Bright starts around we go activity station

If your baby has just reached four months, then the bright starts around we go activity station can be the ideal gift. Babies love being activity but we must always be near them to prevent them from falling as they learn to crawl and walk with the feeble legs.

Getting your baby the bright starts around we go activity station can work effectively helping your child learn how to walk faster but then must be properly used. makes it easier for the baby to walk around the table without the risk of falling. The Toddler activity center holds children weighing 25 lbs; that is four months upwards.
Bright starts around we go activity station Some of the unique selling points are the fact that it can easily be converted from a self-contained walker to a toddler activity table. The station can rotate 360 degrees allowing the baby to walk around the table with ease.

It is a versatile baby station with over 15 activities to keep actively the baby involved. Some of these activities include the piano with three play modes, the flip book for activating the melodies and the silly sounds.

Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Station Featured

From a walker to toddler activity table

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he station is quite versatile as parents can easily convert the walker to a toddler play table. This is done by removing the seat and covering the top. This feature makes the station a versatile product in keeping the baby entertained most of the time. We all know babies cannot walk around for long, and once they get tired, you can have them playing at the toddler table full of activities.

Rotates 360 degrees

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he baby station allows your baby the freedom to walk all-around the table with easy. The station rotates 360 degrees making it easier for baby to turn to any direction they want. The station is like a walker and an entertainer all in one. The ease movement in all directions keeps your toddler challenged throughout their toddler years as they learn to walk properly. It is quite instrumental in aiding the baby’s ability to walk faster.

Bright starts around we go activity station Review

15+ activities

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou can always be sure your baby will be entertained with over 15 activities on the station. There is an electronic toy station with three modes of play and volume controls for the babies to play. Babies can change from melodies to animals’ sounds before finishing with the piano sounds.

Bright starts around we go activity station Review

There also a flip book with exceptional colors and sounds to keep your baby smiling at all times. Other activities on the station include the popping penguins, the spinning ball beads, an elephant popper with spinning ball beads and the teethable palm trees.

  • The station is quite versatile and one to keep the baby entertained especially for the busy parents.
  • The station can easily be converted from a walker to a toddler’s table
  • Quite easy to assemble and set up
  • There are spots for a bottle and snacks
  • Quickly helps the babies learn how to walk by manipulating their leg so as they try to enjoy the many features of the station.
  • The station eats up a lot of space in the house.
  • Does not fit well for tall babies even if they are four months.
  • The top end can sometimes rotate when the child pulls different parts of the station.
Helpful tips Helpful tips
The bright starts around we go activity station can work effectively helping your child learn how to walk faster but then must be properly used. Always ensure you read the manual before attempting to assemble it even if it looks quite easy to assemble. You may have to make an adjustment to the seat if your baby is long to allow them to fit in comfortably. The Walker is for an average baby, but adjustment can be made to fit other babies.

Frequently Asked Question

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What prevents baby from getting a hand or arm caught under the ridge where the seat connects to the base?

Answer: I am a Pediatrician and have recommended this to all my parents at age 4 mos. There has never been a problem with this great “learning gym.”

How old does my baby need to be to be able to use this jumper?

Answer: We had our granddaughter in it at about 6 months. Her little feet barely touched the floor, but she loved it!! I would think that if your baby is strong enough to sit up with a little help, they will be fine, regardless of their age.

Is the height adjustable? My daughter is the 100th %ile for height; 5 months and already 28 inches, so I want to know if she could actually sit?

Answer: I’ve been having this since my daughter was 4 months not sure how tall she was then, but she could stand in this then yes, but only 2 levels

Final Verdict

Well, there are several benefits you and your small one can gain by choosing the bright starts around we go activity station. First of all, the parent gets free time away from the baby as the baby enjoys playing and walking around. You can do some house chores as you check the baby occasionally. The baby, on the other hand, gets entertained as they enjoy the several activities on the station. It is an advantage for babies learning to walk as it aids the process making the baby legs stable at an early age. Go ahead and order one today to help with the development of your baby.

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