Best Convertible Cribs 2019 Reviews | Buying Guide

Best Convertible Cribs 2019 Reviews | Buying Guide

Baby cribs are an essential piece of furniture for your baby to sleep in and the best convertible cribs aim at delivering on safety as well as comfort. There are several factors to consider when you looking forward to buying the best convertible cribs. You will have to consider additional features that will meet your needs and wants.

It takes the time to shop for a loved one. It is as if the more we feel for that person, the more time we would need to make a choice, so it is at par with how special they are to us. A gift is an expression of our feelings.

Best convertible cribs Reviews

Convertible cribs are gaining popularity and for the right reasons too. This is because it offers versatility and they are flexible. They come with added advantages and additional features.

There are different types of convertible cribs in the market. Best Convertible cribs are advantageous to both parents and their babies. They are not only cost effective but also feature a compact design and appearance, are durable, as well as boost easier transitions for your baby as they grow.

While babies can use it as young as newborn, they can use it later in their age.When looking to buy the best convertible crib, it is best to consider your needs and preferences.

This is a guide to choosing the best convertible cribs in the market for your beloved child.

Top 5 best convertible cribs : Mom’s Choice for baby

DaVinci Autumn 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Autumn Convertible Crib is an enduring piece of furniture at the heart of a bedroom. This product by DaVinci is the perfect match to a toddler’s sunny smile with its classy color choices that is done in a non-toxic, multi-step staining painting process.

DaVinci Autumn Convertible Crib Slate

It is easy to move around the place because of its light weight material just in case you decide to re-arrange for a perfect set up what make it one of the best convertible cribs in the market. You don’t have to worry about similar changes in the future because this convertible crib by DaVinci is sturdy and durable, made out of the toughness of Pinewood.

It is easy to set up from the box and blend in a room with its choices of white, slate, and espresso colors.

What makes the product special?

DaVinci’s four in one crib will stay for a long time. Its convertible design that transforms it from a crib to a day bed next, a toddler’s to a full sized bed ensures companionship from a child’s toddler years onward to adulthood, just as a family would. By the way, the rails are sold separately by its manufacturer.

DaVinci Autumn 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

Other highlights:

It features an adjustable mattress, that can be refitted at four levels
Lead- and phthalate- safe

Product Details

Max weights: Toddler bed: 50 lbs. Full size bed: 500 lbs. Slat strength: 135 lbs.
58”L x 29.5”W x 46.25”H

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Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib copy

The Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib not only looks good, but it especially feels good with its hardwood construction, which also makes it easy to maintain and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

If you’re working at home you would feel safe taking your eyes off for a while knowing that your child is in a good safe place with the Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib. It is as if all the parts of this product had been made and designed at the outset to make your baby safe and comfortable.

This comes with a toddler guard rail.

What makes the Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib stand out?

• It has an appealing sleigh-style headboard
• Sturdy and stylish foundation with its curved legs
• Converts from a multi-positional crib by levels up to a full sized one.

How about its weight? Is it going to be a problem?

It may be a little heavier than most cribs because of its material composition. But its hardwood construction makes up for this with its priority directed on the child’s safety. It remains this product’s number quality.

Item weight: 62
Dimensions: 32.250 H x 55.000 W x 43.250 D

Other highlights worth considering:

• 3 position mattress height adjustment
• JPMA certified (safety standards)
• Converts from a crib up to an adult’s bed at full size and with a headboard & footboard.

Graco Lauren Convertible Crib Review

At the affordable price, you get so much value from this crib and like the more expensive models, it is safe and comfortable. It is constructed of wood, so it is solid and durable and can withstand the pressure from a toddler’s jumping and playfulness as they age.

graco-lauren-4-in-1 cribs warranty

The good thing about the Graco Lauren Convertible Crib is that you would not need to spend extra cash to buy a guard rail due to its transitional design. It has good value for your money, plus, you save some more from its functionality.

Graco Lauren Convertible Crib is not hard to blend in your home. It has a simple yet elegant design that is easy to match in different environments.

Product details: 60 x 41.2 x 4.8 inches
Weight: 58 lbs.

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Storkcraft Calabria Crib N Changer Review

storkcraft cribs n changer

This Crib, Storkcraft Calabria Crib N Changer, pushes the competition a notch. The manufacturers of this crib clearly had longevity in mind when they designed it and had it constructed with a stable, durable hardwood for long term use.

Like its competition, this crib has a four in one conversion function to a full-size bed, but this one is attached with a changer for added functionality.

The changer can also be used as a dresser or a nightstand.

The best word that matches this model is versatility.

With the changer attached, is size going to be a problem?

Depending on room space, but we don’t see how it should with these reasonable dimensions:

Crib size- 71L x 34W x 43H inches
Changing area- 27L x 16W inches

storkcraft cribs n changers

This crib will grow your child throughout the years and serve better with added features, durable hardwood material, safety, and comfort.

This crib seems to have all the necessary qualities and features of a great product. Is it expensive?

It looks expensive, and it essentially has the qualities of an expensive product, but the price of the Storkcraft Calabria Crib N Changer is affordable for any moms.

DaVinci Emily 4 in 1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail Review

DaVinci Emily 4 in 1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail (1)

DaVinci Emily 4 in 1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail is designed to give both parents and child a good rest. Your baby will love its coziness and comfort, with a variety of wood colors and finishes, while parents are totally rid of the anxiety of having to be worried about safety day or night.

It is made of wood (Pine) and exceeds all safety standards imposed by ASTM and the U.S. CPSC. It is solid and trusty, and its cool wood-themed colors give your nursery space a nice touch.

This DaVinci product has a four level mattress support, which means that taking care of a child would be easier while reaching in comfortably, being able to adjust to one’s height.

It’s safe to say that DaVinci’s Emily convertible crib wants to be a lifelong partner of your child. It has a four range conversion up to adulthood stage, as a full sized bed, and it makes sure it won’t be creaking in its joints by offering unquestionable durability.

And it won’t run out of style with its classic touch of wood.

What else Mom should know before buying baby cribs?

Certified Cribs by JPMA

JMPA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified cribs meet the safety standards as required. JMPA JPMA certified11certified cribs feature a JMPA seal, which means that the crib has been tested by an independent facility and has been proven to meet the set standards by ASTM International. obviously, the best convertible cribs might fulfill the standards of ASTM and JPMA.

Though this will certify your crib, it may not certify your crib mattresses. While different manufacturers submit their cribs for inspection and testing, JMPA ensures they meet all safety standards, which include:

  • No cut-out areas on the headboard or footboard. This prevents baby’s head from getting trapped
  • Proper physical structure with every screw firmly in place
  • The presence of every hardware
  • No more than 2-3/8 inches between one crib slat to another so the baby cannot get through them
  • A firm and well-positioned mattress support
  • Ensuring every crib has smooth and well-finished edges
  • No presence on any splinters

PMA Certified, ASTM Compliant, CPSIA or CPSC Compliant

The PMA (here) Certified, ASTM the site of Compliant, CPSIA, or CPSC Compliant seeks to verify the importance of safety for children products. This is in reference to their intoxication.

These certification and compliance ensure that your cribs are non-toxic. Other than ensuring the construction meets the safety standards, these bodies seek to address the toxicity of the materials used to construct baby cribs. If you are looking for a best convertible crib for the baby that meets all safety standards ranging from construction to the components used for construction.

In this, if your baby crib comes with the above certification and compliance, you can be sure that you can trust it with your baby even when they are sucking on it or feeding off it.

Crib or bassinet, which one is perfect for the baby?

A crib and a bassinet all offer a sleeping option for your baby. However, a bassinet will only serve you in the initial stages of your newborn baby with the advantage that they are easy to move from one point to another.

cribs vs bassinet

However, the best convertible cribs will serve you in the long-term allowing your kid use it as a newborn and grows with him. On the other hand, a bassinet comes with other limitations such as weight limit due to their support system at the bottom. This makes a crib safer to use with a baby.

In addition, it is more comfortable as it is not wobbly and it will not collapse due to its sturdy nurture.

Crib or cot, which one is best for baby?

Baby cots and cribs both feature a sturdy and strong structure and they will serve you for years. In comparison on whether to use a cot or a crib for your baby, a crib comes with more benefits as opposed to baby cots.

Baby cots are generally larger and this will leave a newborn baby feeling empty. On the other hand, a crib is smaller and in the event you invest in a convertible crib, you will be able to allow your baby to grow comfortably while making the right adjustments as babies’ grows.

Cribs offer versatility and boost diversity as compared to baby cots.

Why the convertible cribs are the best choice for Mom n baby?

Best convertible cribs [Top 5 Cribs] are beneficial to both the baby and the mom thanks to their features and the accessibility to convert it into different furniture for baby. First, they are designed to grow with your baby such that they accommodate the different stages of your baby without having to constantly purchase different furniture for his napping.

You can, therefore, convert it from a baby crib to a full size be gradual as the child grows. In between, you can convert it to a toddler bed or a daybed depending on your baby’s age. In reference to your baby, they are designed to deliver on both safeties as well as comfort so you do not have difficulties letting go of your baby thanks to safety concerns.

Both parents and baby can sleep soundly. The best convertible crib meets all safety standards and you can verify by checking for Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards.

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