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Scenes from Club ED

On Friday, June 13th Ed Choice Illinois and 30 non-profit organizations came together to bring you the second Club ED. Thank you to everyone who made this amazing event possible and for raising critical questions about education in our great state.


Would you have ever imagined that a hip-hop mogul would be the one to suggest meditation can lead to increased academic performance and safer schools? Thank you, Russell Simmons and David Lynch Foundation's Bob Roth.


Are you now realizing that our children will be working as adults in as yet unseen technology fields and that the education system needs to be adapted for the future? Thank you, Google's Jaime Casap.


Are you now considering that your fourth grader might not only love a trip to Ecuador, but also be forever changed by it? That, as a result, she could consider herself a member of the global community rather than solely a local community member? Thank you, Village Leadership Academy's Nakisha Hobbs.


Clayton Christensen Institute's Michael Horn, thank you for advocating for blended learning and educational systems of the future that allow new models to flourish. Please keep beating the drum on that.


Step Up for Students' Doug Tuthill, thank you for so deeply caring for the autonomy of our teachers. As a former Union president you are educators' ultimate advocate. If teachers do not have the autonomy to lead and innovate in the classroom, then talk of transformation in education is just that: talk.


We are also thankful for the continued leadership and dedication of Kevin Chavous, Lisa Graham Keegan and Derrell Bradford; your work continues to inspire people across the nation. Local leaders Alderman Walter Burnett, State Senator Toi Hutchinson, State Senator Kim Lightford and Trey Cobb thank you for participating and changing the conversation about education in Illinois.


While Club Ed could have been solely a coalition-led two hour forum, thanks to all the above speakers it transcended the realm of a typical event.


In addition to the incredible speakers present at Club ED, 22 other national policy and philanthropic guests flew to Illinois to participate in meetings with state leaders. The meeting of minds over the weekend allowed leaders across the nation to better understand how to develop policies under ECI's "ACTION" platform. Although many involved groups can often disagree on numerous issues, alignment was found on education. Most importantly, we saw something of vital importance happen - leaders from traditional, charter and private school systems put aside their differences to look for solutions for vulnerable children who need them most.


We're excited that rather than looking for differences, we have taken a path of seeking out similarities.


Events such as Club ED are merely a beginning.To further explore solutions in a real world school setting, we hope you will join our next smaller conversation at "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" on September 9th, 2014 at 9 am, hosted by Village Leadership Academy and Ed Choice Illinois. If you're interested in attending or learning more, contact Kate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you once again,

The Ed Choice Illinois team

scenes from club ed

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